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Support the Vision: "Brave Little Hearts" – Bringing Saints to Life for the Next Generation

Luciana Vecchiato By Luciana Vecchiato | April 12, 2024 | Italy

Anna Raisa Favale

In a world where our children's heroes often come from comic books and movies, it's time to introduce them to some real-life superheroes—those who lived lives of courage, faith, and extraordinary virtue. "Brave Little Hearts" is not just another children's book; it's a journey through the lives of saints, presented as relatable stories that inspire kids to dream big and live bravely.

Traditionally, saints have been depicted in ways that seem distant and unattainable. The stories we tell about these remarkable men and women are often shrouded in the reverence of their sainthood, making them seem less human and less approachable. "Brave Little Hearts" aims to change that narrative by telling their stories through a lens that highlights their humanity—their trials, triumphs, and, yes, even their ordinary moments.

Anna Raisa Favale brings a unique perspective to this project. With her extensive background in directing, screenwriting, and peacebuilding and her experience working in diverse and challenging environments, Anna Raisa knows how to tell stories that touch hearts and provoke thought. Her vision for this book is to make the stories of the saints accessible and engaging for children, encouraging them to see these historical figures as real people they can aspire to emulate.

Each of the 50 saints featured in "Brave Little Hearts" will be paired with a different high-level illustrator, ensuring that every story is fresh and visually captivating. This approach enhances the reading experience and supports the artists' community by showcasing a diverse range of artistic styles from around the globe. 
The first edition of "Brave Little Hearts" aims to reach an international audience. Plans are in place to translate the book into multiple languages and distribute it worldwide, making these inspiring stories accessible to children in various cultural contexts.

Kickstarter Campaign Goals
Anna Raisa needs your support to bring this vision to life. By backing this project, you're not just getting a book; you're helping to plant seeds of bravery and virtue in young hearts everywhere.

Rewards for Supporters
1. The Book: This beautiful 6x9" hardcover has 50 stories and illustrations. It is also available in ebook and audiobook formats.
2. Kickstarter Exclusive Coloring Book: Downloadable coloring pages featuring portraits from the book, allowing children to engage creatively with the stories.
3. The Gallery: Select art prints from the book, perfect for decorating a child's room or classroom.
4. The Bundle: Purchase cases of books at a discounted rate to share with schools, libraries, and community centers.

Join Us on This Journey
"Brave Little Hearts" is more than just a book; it's a movement to reintroduce the power of real heroes to our children. Your support can bring this project to life, helping kids worldwide find inspiration in the brave hearts who have shaped our faith and history.

Let's tell these stories with the passion and beauty they deserve together. Support "Brave Little Hearts" on Kickstarter and be part of making history accessible, engaging, and inspiring for the next generation. Let's give our children new heroes to look up to—heroes who were once just like them.

"Support "Brave Little Hearts" on Kickstarter Today! 

By backing "Brave Little Hearts," you're contributing to the revival of saint stories for children and supporting a broader mission to spread positivity, bravery, and the spirit of the Holy through contemporary storytelling. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey.


Luciana Vecchiato, Ph.D, is an esteemed expert in child psychology with a distinguished career that spans over three decades. Dr. Vecchiato has dedicated much of her professional life to the field of education, notably serving as the director of the Milan Public School Department. In this role, she has implemented innovative educational strategies and programs to enhance children's learning environment and psychological well-being.

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