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Unity and Hope: Trump Electrifies Thousands at Michigan Rally with Vision for America's Future

EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | June 16, 2024 | United States

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Two appearances in Michigan on Saturday demonstrated former President Trump’s plan for winning battleground states this November. First, he confidently went into a poor black area of Detroit for a freewheeling roundtable event at predominantly black 180 Church. Then, just hours later, Trump walked into a cavernous arena with pyrotechnics exploding and “Proud to be an American” blaring to the raucous cheers of over 8,000 MAGA supporters packed into an arena.  

At 180 Church, Trump was welcomed by black Republican leaders like Michigan congressman John James and Florida congressman Byron Donalds and Dr Ben Carson. The round-table event featured local black business owners and community activists. Democrats pointed out that the black pastor of 180 Church, Lorenzo Sewell, was not endorsing Trump, but the pastor expressed gratitude for Trump coming into “The Hood” while Biden nor Obama had not done so.  

The event was free-wheeling as the former president hit several issues including rampant crime and the open southern border. A confident Trump detailed the progress for blacks during his years as president including the lowest black unemployment rate on record, the largest increase in black home ownership and record funding for historically black colleges and universities. “We’ve done more for the black population than any president since Abraham Lincoln,” Trump declared.  The biggest applause seemed to come in response to Trump criticizing the Left’s “gender ideology” excesses.

The crowd inside the church was diverse and large. Outside the church, it was a generally festive and positive atmosphere in what is a struggling area economically.  A group called the Black Conservative Federation provided barbeque outside in the church parking lot as people arrived. Republicans normally do not attempt campaign events in such areas but the Trump campaign is consistently and successfully holding events and organizing efforts in poor black areas within swing states.  

Unlike past Republican national candidates, former President Trump is clearly comfortable campaigning in minority neighborhoods and economically struggling inner cities. He uses his distinct rhetorical skills and confident manner that polling and anecdotal evidence suggest is connecting with black and Latino voters - especially blue collar men.  

Democrats and Republican strategists both know that Trump does not need to win these minority areas. He only needs to increase his share of the vote with them by 15% to 20%. Doing so would mean that states like Michigan would most likely flip from Biden to Trump in November. That explains why Democrats so aggressively attacked the event at 180 Church. Michigan Democrat leaders held a news conference denouncing the Trump event while the Biden campaign released a blistering attack on the event and on Trump from a prominent black Michigan pastor. 

The calculus for the Trump campaign was different just hours later as the former president strode onto the stage of “The People’s Convention” hosted by Turning Point USA. With over 8,000 adoring fans in a picture-perfect MAGA rally atmosphere, Trump’s focus was on motivating his base to keep working and organizing for maximum turnout in November. His remarks were a greatest hits of Trump's rhetoric and successes.  In manufacturing-heavy Michigan, Trump touted the 500,000 manufacturing jobs created during his first 3 years as president. On his first day back in office Trump promised to “close up the border” and “drill baby drill” as the crowd roared in approval.  

Trump mocked the Biden Administration’s plans for electric tanks and fighter jets which would lessen the US military’s ability to win wars in the name of “environmentally friendly” policies.  He ridiculed Biden's regulations that limit water pressure in dishwashers and shower heads. The crowd roared with laughter as Trump described attempting to wash his hair with the lousy water pressure of Biden-era showers.

The former president spoke confidently for over an hour to the adoring crowd inside the arena and via video to the large number of supporters without tickets in the arena’s parking lots. The atmosphere was festive and energetic. These Trump rallies make a crucial point: they stand in stark contrast to President Biden’s inability to draw such large, enthusiastic crowds. Biden events are inevitably small, tightly controlled, short in duration and devoid of spontaneity.  

To win in November, Trump will most likely need to flip 1 of these 3 Midwest industrial states:  Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. Wisconsin was the closest of the 3 in 2020 as Trump lost by only 0.7% or just 20,682 votes. Michigan, however, with its significant Muslim population angry over Biden policies in the Middle East is currently viewed as perhaps the best opportunity. Polling in Michigan indicates a narrow but seemingly durable lead for Trump over Biden. Trump won the state in 2016 by 0.23% or 10,704 votes in the closest presidential election in Michigan history. Biden narrowly won the state in 2020 by 2.78%.  

The two Trump events on Saturday - so different but both laser-beam targeted and effectively executed are intended to bring Michigan back into the Trump victory column this year.



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