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Designation of Chief Cultural officer Day in Broward County.

EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | June 03, 2021 | United States

It was a momentous day for Florida state and in particular Broward county. The day of 28 April 2021 will go down the history books of this county.

This is because, on this day, a milestone designation came to pass. It was the designation of this particular day as the Chief Cultural Officer (CCO) Day. This means that starting from this year, celebrations and commemoration of it starts. But the aim is to pick particular individuals with distinguished standing.

These are men and women who will have stood out with the role of CCO. This requires advocacy in this area apart from ascertaining other aspects. The award will go to the person who will deserve this award. In other words, it will go a long way in making sure that the person has proved themselves in full. On this day Dr. Roberto Masiero was the awardee. In this case, he has opened the way for many awardees to receive the same recognition in many years to come. This will be after their impactful contribution to such a course.

What is the role of a Chief Cultural Officer, CCO?

The role is very simple. It involves a paradigm of international culture. Sharing a culture of having a vision for what you do. The CCO on his own stands out sensitizes other nations. Of course, this is the kind of work that starts from the home of the officer. He or she has to stand out as a visionary leader advocate. There are many ways this can happen. But the most convenient is that way where forums come to make sure that they speak and sensitize. The sharing of such norms is critical. This forms the pinnacle of a CCO. After all, without sensitization, there is no room for improvement. When knowledge and values reach a level of sharing, they create an impact. That is how it works out.

In some communities, there are many more events of the same nature. These are there to recognize specific individuals and their contributions. In some counties, such traditions have turned into big celebrations with fond memories. You can only marvel and admire the valor that comes with such awards. It can be clear that with time, there can be no limit to such events which are important in communities. Their important role in promoting excellence cannot be over-emphasized!

The role played by Dr. Roberto Masiero

There is one achievement that went down in the life of Dr. Masiero. In this case, it was his advocacy for the visionary leader of tomorrow. In his book “Chief Cultural Officer. 8 pillars towards sustainable global influence', he made a footprint. This was critical in influencing the view of growth in relation to vision. His focus in the book is the emphasis he puts on making a vision for an organization. He brings out the point of pulling together a team that shares your vision. With some clear explanation of the power of focusing and detailing tomorrow. He has stated the important aspect that comes with putting details in your vision.

With such a book and speeches where opportunities came, it was easy to reach some recognition. The Board that sits on the county in the state of Florida took their time. This way, Dr. Roberto has distinguished himself as a Chief Cultural Officer, CCO. To this effect, he deserved the award and recognition. In making the whole aspect work better, you have to bring a combination. In other words, you need a grip on the tools that make you an excellent leader.

Setting trends for tomorrow

At the end of the day, you have a duty to perform as a leader and a visionary one at that. In this case, you have to be in phase with the day's technology. This means getting a grip on technology and also making sure that you use it. If you have the technological tools that you are unable to use, then you create a missing link. The world is a global village that may fail to deal with you. That explains why you have no choice but to accept technology for its role. In other words, you need to use the tools provided by modern-day technology in your management.

But management as art too is there to make sure that you have a good connection with people. In other words, you also need to have excellent people management skills. Being able to motivate them towards achieving a common goal at the end of the day. In some cases, a lack of this can show up at the wrong time and with drastic effects.

A norm with an international future

The normal set out by Dr. Roberto, spell out what tomorrow's visionary leader should be. In this case, you have to give it a try and see how the whole system works on an international scene. The most obvious is to make the values know to the interactional community. The idea has already managed to break through the borders via Dr. Roberto's book and other papers. Such is the easiest way to start in setting trends for tomorrow's leaders and managers.

If there are some reservations that you may have about the norm, you can bring them in. But that is all tested by the way you manage the principles. A tradition that started through a simple celebration stands to bring in milestones. This is what you would expect of a life-changing paradigm that has come to stay.

Dr. Roberto Masiero’s rich cultural background

Looking into the roots of Dr. Roberto reveal that he has strong Italian roots. Being originally from Italy means that he has a grip on international cultures. In fact, this gave rise to his impetus to easily smash the intercultural stereotypes. He has lived his work and is really practicing what he advocates. This is easily evidenced from the cultural renaissance he values highly.


With the declaration of 28 April as the CCO day, Broward county will never be the same. For a start, they have a commemoration and celebration to look forward to. It will add a lot of value and make a difference when many people come on board with various categories. They will all have received recognition for their various aspects of the contributions. This has to cover the many other aspects that can even be entertained at the end of the day.

By Angie Dickinson

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