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Biden's Debate Deception: A Closer Look at His Failed Policies and False Promises

EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | June 27, 2024 | United States

The 1st Presidential Debate

In tonight's debate, Joe Biden will undoubtedly make grand promises and claims about his record. However, assessing his presidency based on facts, not rhetoric, is crucial. Let's examine some key areas where Biden's administration has failed and where his claims do not align with reality.

Public Safety and Crime Rates.

Biden claims that crime rates are down nationally, but this assertion is misleading. The FBI's data is incomplete, and a more accurate picture emerges from the DOJ's National Crime Victimization Survey. There has been a significant increase in violent crimes, rapes, aggravated assaults, and robberies between 2020 and 2022. Biden's policies have prioritized the wellbeing of criminals over the safety of law-abiding Americans and police officers.

Inflation and the Economy

Biden has repeatedly claimed that inflation was high when he took office and that he has created jobs. However, these statements are false. Inflation has outpaced wage growth, and real wages remain lower than when Biden first took office. The U.S. national debt has increased over $7 trillion since Biden took office, according to the Treasury Department.

Foreign Policy and National Security

Biden's foreign policy decisions have also been under scrutiny. His administration's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been criticized for its lack of planning and coordination. The Taliban's swift takeover of the country has raised questions about the effectiveness of Biden's strategy.

Additionally, Biden's approach to the crisis in Ukraine has been criticized for being too soft on Russia. His decision to waive sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been seen as a concession to Putin, despite the pipeline's potential to increase Europe's dependence on Russian energy.

As the debate unfolds, it is essential to scrutinize Biden's claims and assess his record based on facts. His administration has failed in critical areas such as public safety, the economy, and foreign policy. The American people deserve a leader who will prioritize their safety and prosperity.

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