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Coronavirus and Your Florida Community

EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | March 24, 2020 | United States

In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has changed the way our local communities live, work and play. Across the Sunshine State, Florida’s cities, counties, towns and villages are applying new practices to stem the spread of the virus.

 Florida’s capital city is working to make it’s bus system cleaner than ever: “… every night buses are disinfected with spray and handwipes. Those workers clean every seat, handrail and button with a commercial grade CDC-approved cleaner.”

The Florida League of Cities has created an Online Information Center: “… working in conjunction with the state’s 412 cities, towns and villages to help share vital information and updates regarding the coronavirus and its impact on the Sunshine State.” 

Some communities are taking worthwhile health programming online.  Healthy St. Pete conducts cooking classes for the whole family and is designed “to address chronic disease issues and also to increase access to healthier foods and options.” Because of Coronavirus, they’ll be “offering virtual programming, which includes free online videos.”  

Manatee County released a video on best practices and tips as we all work together to stop the virus from spreading.  

Broward County Commissioners remind us there’s no need to hoard: “There’s no reason to hoard food and supplies from others when there’s ample supplies throughout the country,” Commissioner Michael Udine said. “It’s an important thing to get out there so people are not causing unnecessary burden and panic on the system.”

Feeling that we can all learn from each other, the Florida Association of Counties took a survey to learn how different Florida counties are grappling with the everchanging information around COVID-19. Click here to view the results.

Read how social distancing comes with social side effects. “While social distancing and isolation are in effect, there are things everyone can do to mitigate their downsides.”  

Finally, don’t forget to support local businesses during this difficult time. Read five simple ways you can support local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.  

COVID-19 is causing a lot of uncertainty and fear. Beating it will require vigilance, cooperation and innovation. The good news is: Everywhere you look City, County and State governments are putting politics aside and collaborating around the clock to create the best solutions to a worldwide problem.
In the meantime, remember to keep calm, keep washing those hands and Keep it Local, Florida!




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