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Bee Technology Group acquires System Integrator AKAMANTA.

Tech Guy By Tech Guy | April 08, 2021 | Russian Federation

Under the Florida Sun, Bee Technology Group is expanding the global systems integrator’s reach. The acquisition has been completed March 2021.


AKAMANTA LLC. is a newly incorporated company and no financials have been prepared. It was incorporated to carry on the business of manufacturing new types of equipment, components required for smart road networks, and services.

Bee Technology Group acquires stake in Akamanta, keeping in line with thrust on addition of new Smart products, specifically Smart roads Switches and automotive Ecosystem, cv2x Technology.

As automotive technologies continue to advance and cars and trucks become increasingly autonomous, the global support and momentum surrounding the development of C-V2X technologies continue to build with an unprecedented level of collaboration between the automotive and telecom industries.

Since 2011, Bee Technology Group has been trusted advisors to the world’s foremost organizations. 

“The acquisition of 40% in AKAMANTA from Broward Technology will uniquely distinguish us from the traditional Smart Roads System Integrators and accelerate our path forward with Tier 1 service providers in Europe and Balkan Area,” said Roberto Masiero, CEO of Bee Technology Group.

Akamanta’s solutions will complement thousands of Smart Poles that are currently deployed in Europe.

By Petrov Lebedev

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