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Record-Breaking Super Bowl Captivates the Nation

Andres Castro By Andres Castro | February 17, 2024 | Germany

The Super Bowl's Role in American Pop Culture: From Football to Fandom

This year's Super Bowl brought in record numbers of viewership. 123.4 million people watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling overtime game on Sunday. This smashed the previous record set last season of 115 million viewers. These numbers were boosted due to the game being extended into overtime and the draw of Taylor Swift, the latest Chiefs super fan. The Super Bowl is one of the most- inclusive events that all Americans have been found to enjoy. According to the ratings, groups from every social and political class tuned in. It has been a goal of the NFL to ensure the broadcast is inclusive to everyone, which was highly evident this year. The pregame and halftime show featured some of the greatest and widely-liked stars from the past two decades, Reba McEntire and Usher.

People of all ages and backgrounds could enjoy these performances. This was yet another successful Super Bowl for the NFL. Now, two years in a row, the NFL has brought in over 100 million viewers. Before 2023, four of the five Super Bowls fell short of that benchmark. The NFL is doing the Super Bowl right, and other professional sports leagues should look to duplicate this success moving forward.

The Super Bowl's all-time high ratings in the US reflect the NFL's unique position in American culture as a unifying force. The diverse audience, encompassing people from different educational backgrounds, age groups, professions, and political beliefs, reflects the wide appeal of the NFL. The league's broad viewership demonstrates its dominance in the sports landscape and its ability to bridge cultural and social divides.

The NFL made a deliberate effort to avoid controversy during the Super Bowl production, opting for predictability. The pregame and halftime shows featured established music stars whose peak moments may have been in previous decades but whose appeal remains strong. Usher and Reba McEntire, both 68, performed the national anthem, aiming to resonate with older Americans and ensure a controversy-free event.

The NFL's approach to the Super Bowl could serve as a blueprint for other sports leagues in the US struggling to maintain audience share and cultural relevance. By focusing on inclusivity, avoiding divisive topics, and celebrating universally admired talents, the NFL has not only sustained its popularity but also reinforced its role as a cornerstone of American culture. Other professional sports leagues could learn from the NFL's approach to attract audiences and restore their cultural significance.

Andres Castro has been a Cybereport Sports contributor for the last decade. Andres is Teamhead Customer Connectivity at Puma Headquarters.

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