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EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | July 14, 2020 | United States

ARC (Sabaf Group) offers a brand new burner that turns your home into a starred restaurant

Padova, July 2020 – In these weeks of forced imprisonment we have discovered that the kitchen does not only serve to prepare a frugal meal, but also complex dishes that give great satisfaction to those who prepare them (and those who eat them).

To meet this need ARC, manufacturer of components for professional cooking and part of the Sabaf Group, presents the Epicure Series 12 burners that bring the professional level to the domestic market. Thanks to the horizontal Venturi, these products can be inserted in small spaces thus allowing to equip a domestic hob or cooker with high performance components. Epicure has cast iron body and brass burner cap. The power varies according to the size but, in any case, high efficiency and high performance are guaranteed. The aesthetic is elegant and with possibility of customization: in fact, different finishes and combinations of surface treatment are available. Epicure is offered also to the world of the professional cooking, in particular the version with the vertical Venturi.

The power varies according to the size but in any case, very high efficiency and above all performance worthy of the cuisine of a professional chef is guaranteed. Performaces therefore, but also unparalleled elegant and captivating aesthetics to which is added a possibility of customization that is unmatched on the market. In fact, different finishes and combinations of surface treatment are available:

- Cast iron body and brass flame divider

- Body in black enamelled / treated cast iron and brass flame spreader

- Cast iron body and black enamelled / treated brass flame spreader

- Body in enamelled / treated black cast iron and burner cap in enamelled / treated black brass

Details that make the difference by combining "made to measure" craftsmanship with more sophisticated engineering.

“The Epicure Series 12 burners – explained Loris Gasparini, ARC General Manager – have been designed for those who love cooking and want to have professional tools in their home that allow them to obtain great performance and therefore great results. They are unusual-looking burners, almost all double ring, with solid and robust materials, made to last for a long time, and performances similar to those we offer to the restaurants: so a passionate about cooking has a serious work tool that allows to create both simple recipes and elaborate dishes”.

Epicurus said that the simplest pleasures to achieve were those that guaranteed people happiness: among them it included healthy life (to pursue health), eating well and sharing (conviviality). Pleasures that had to be pursued because they could be satisfied without great disturbances.

In an era of social distancing, with Epicure, Arc continues to bet on conviviality through a work tool designed specifically for the purpose.

Arc S.r.l.

Since 1981 ARC produces gas burners for professional kitchens, including their components and accessories. Thirty-nine years of research and development and new products have consolidated the company's leadership, a quality recognized by the sector and its reference partners. This leadership position aroused the interest of the Sabaf Group which led to Arc joining the Group in 2016. An operation that allowed Sabaf to enter a new sector, similar to the traditional one of components for domestic appliances for gas cooking, and to consolidate the international presence of the group.

ARC is a "small" but precious jewel: with about twenty employees and a turnover of over 5 million Euros, today it represents the flagship of one of the main players in the burner market, and more generally of one of the most important global manufacturers of components for household appliances.

ARC has always been careful in choosing the highest quality raw materials, and scrupulous in using technologically advanced machinery, in order to always guarantee a level of quality, safety and performance that lives up to its customers and reputation.


Founded in the early 1950s, Sabaf has grown steadily to become, through the Group of the same name, the leading manufacturer in Italy and one of the top global manufacturers of components for household appliances.

The Sabaf Group currently employs over 1,000 employees and is active with the parent company Sabaf S.p.A. and with the subsidiaries Sabaf do Brasil, Sabaf Turkey and Sabaf China (taps, gas thermostats and domestic burners), with A.R.C. Srl (burners for professional cooking), with Faringosi Hinges S.r.l. and C.M.I. Srl (leaders in the production of hinges for ovens, washing machines and dishwashers), with Okida Electronik (electronic components for household appliances).

Technological know-how, production flexibility and the ability to offer a wide range of components - also designed according to the needs of individual customers, and in line with the specific characteristics of the reference markets, represent the Group's key strengths in a highly specialized sector in which demand is constantly evolving and increasingly oriented towards products that guarantee absolute reliability and safety.

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