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Chief Cultural Officer. 8 Pillars toward Sustained Global Influence

EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | June 05, 2020 | United States

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Any great leader must be part visionary, master convener, and culture influencer. Visionary because you must predict where the future is trending and how individuals will respond. You do this through trend analysis, operational research, and well-informed intuition.

Master convener because collaboration requires willing people but also someone to put the right people in a collaborative space and frame of mind. You achieve this through a combination of people skills and technological expertise. Culture influencer because more people means more variation and potential chaos. Creating organizational music that generates revenue is the goal. You accomplish this through a centralization of information that supports access, understanding, and trialability.

As people arrive to solve problems, they bring their strengths to engage comfortably in the system of interaction—the culture intentionally created. With artificial intelligence and blockchain-based social interactions the Chief Cultural Officer is a necessary position leveraging both institutional knowledge and novel

Dr. Roberto Masiero

Founder of Renaissance Evolution 

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