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EDITOR IN CHIEF By EDITOR IN CHIEF | April 06, 2020 | United States

In the fashion industry, you’ll come across a variety of different trends and designs that will make you pause and think that it looks very familiar.

by Ivette Castro

In the fashion industry, you’ll come across a variety of different trends and designs that will make you pause and think that it looks very familiar. Fashion takes inspiration from everything around us. Whether its nature, art, or architecture, you will see that the fashion industry thrives by incorporating different segments from the world and combining it with what they call high fashion. 

Architecture is one of those things that can be seen by an individual from wherever they stand. In busy cities, there’s a much higher chance of seeing people taking inspiration from what they see around them. Fashion itself is a mix of different things and cannot be defined using a single term. So, you are bound to see architecture being used and infused with the outfits you see on the runway. 

The way that architects design and construct their structures, fashion designers use their material in the same process. They use similar patterns and structures to make their designs. You’ll see many fashion designers using geometrical shapes and figures for the outfits that they produce. Many of them are even popularly know for doing this. 

When you see a beautifully structured building, you marvel at the creator and the intricate detailing of that building. Many times, the allure of a building can be beautifully represented through fashion as well. You’ll come across many fundamental architects who have evolved from architects to fashion designers and how their designs speak through what they’ve learnt. 

How Do Fashion Designers Incorporate Architectural Designs?

When we say that fashion takes inspiration from architecture, we don’t mean that fashion designers copy the same frame on to their outfit. What they do is they try to mimic the basic design and mix it up with their salient feature. So, you’ll see a design that has all the geometric shapes found in an architectural building. Not only this, but fashion designers take inspiration from the entire theme of a building. 

Many fashion designers will showcase their inspiration taken from angular buildings and include sharp edges into their designs. While others will try to include the theme of a church with all its bright lights and paintings.

Fashion Designers That Take Inspiration From Architecture

We have talked about how fashion designers love using architecture in their designs on a general level. It is time to get into the details and see which designers have gone through and done this. High-end fashion designers such as Pierre Balmain and Versace have, both, been students of architecture. They then transformed their architectural knowledge into fashion have been renowned fashion designers of all time. Balmain has even gone as far as to say that “dressmaking is the architecture of movement.” 

Following these two brands comes Coco Chanel, who has been known to take inspiration from architecture for her beautiful designs, also emphasizes that fashion is architecture and that there is no separating the two. 

The combination of architecture and fashion has proved to be a marvellous one. Therefore, many huge brands take inspiration from the world’s architecture and merge them in their designs to create a unique and exclusive look. 


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